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We are people from all different walks of life, cultures and religions, but we have one thing in common:
We are interested in the concept of uniting India.

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United India Memory Forum

Let’s talk about the India before its partition. What do your parents and grandparents fondly recall about united India before its partition?

United India Friendship Forum

Do you have any inspiring stories about friendships between Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis?

United India Sport Forum

Here we discuss all things about cricket that unify us and brings us together!

United India Forum

What's your vision for United India? How can we create a strong and united India!

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My story started 25 years ago when a family from Pakistan. Helped me beyond my wildest dream in a foreign country. Not only they had financially helped me but had gone well beyond that; they had kept me and my family in their house for more than a year and had provided all kind of support until I could find my feet in a foreign land.