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    I didn’t think to pass on the experience that happened. Between me and a girl, let’s read together. because he saw that it was something that was wrong, and yet when he read the story that other people send it and make me feel that Hmm.. my story isn’t too bad, คลิปหลุด okay.. So I’ll tell you the story in the beginning. Let’s listen to each other, but my story will be a bit more detailed. So the story is longer than the villagers have written. I hope it will be enough to handle. This is just a thought I was feeling tight. That’s exactly that part, let’s think about it. I was a single person who bought a townhouse. Which is next to the house of a girl named Miew. One evening after coming home I sit and play guitar on the back porch. That day gave me the start of my wildest thoughts. I was shocked when an 18-year-old girl with a very smooth complexion, just like a normal child. stand and water the trees It’s on the balcony next to me. She probably won’t be back from school soon. because still in school uniform At first I didn’t think anything of it. just smile To show a good neighbor only. and she smiled in response. But her smile was very charming. I think it’s anyone You must like her sweetness and cuteness. But the story doesn’t end there. Because Nong Miw walked in to water the nearby potted plants. As I sat there, the smell of her was a wonderful sensation to me, and my eyes were too exaggerated. Considered to be raised very clearly. I couldn’t believe that I was going to break down. Simply put, the things in my pants started to change. And I was trembling a little too. I looked around and saw no one. So I greeted her to get acquainted. And like heaven is on the side, I don’t know She talks to me very well. and when she waters After finishing the tree, he returned to the house. But I only know that she has to water the plants every day. So I immediately started pursuing a plan to flirt with her. I forgot to tell you, the first day I met you. That night I successfully picked her up 4 times, which had never happened to me before. I don’t know why this kid’s charm was so intense. After I came to talk and ask her for a week. She became familiar and she even dared to cross over to my house. for me to play guitar And with my special touch back then I think she will surely get something special from me sooner or later, and after a while the dream has come true. That day was Friday evening. Which she came across to listen to music like many days, but today is more special than any day. because she had to stay at home alone because of her parents who were military officers Don’t make me tell you my rank. I feel very shaky and shaky. I asked Miew when they usually go back to their party. Nong Mew replied that it was one a.m. two. Well, when I listened only to it, I thought it was my only chance. for exchanging audio with you After that thought, I I began to use the psychological technique that I was most comfortable with. Convince her in the most subtle and step way. Don’t let me tell you how I did it and what I said Because it is a personal talent, do not copy! After a while, I can take her into my private room This is the most exciting time. If anyone is me, then you will know that the heart will bounce off the chest Enter for a while when I feel completely confident. I began to put my hand on Miew’s shoulders lightly as she was holding the doll on my table. And she turned around a little. Then I gathered her hair. and put her mouth on the back of her smooth white nape Min Young was just stiff. So I assumed she was ready to be offended by me. So I went to the key point in the ear. which I know very well how shocking and effective it is. Now she was beginning to tremble. because I’m starting to get serious I inserted the tip of my nose to her throat. Whoa!.. I’d say it’s the sweetest, and I feel like I’m a very lucky person. Miew trembled even more but still let me snuggle up. I began to unbutton her school uniform. and chiseled along the unbuttoned line with style I felt really pure and cherished. After removing all the buttons I took off her brassiere. which is a black fit like a teenager So I immediately saw her two little breasts, but I think it grew out quite a level. And it’s white and smooth to the point of ten stars! I began to use the golden opportunity to squeeze both of her breasts. profitably and bent down to drink a little white umk that eagerly waiting Miu let out a moan and closed her eyes. She was expected to be extremely nervous because she had never seen anything like this before. But when I came across it, I crushed the whole generation The same and the older ones, I don’t know how much. So she fell into the mundane power that I had accumulated for a long time, believe it or not, as I was typing this. Mine is always solid. (This is just a thought.) I spend time with two little breasts. It’s been a long time because I know that time is too much I do every style with her two white succulents wholeheartedly. even breast of a young girl But when the pressure hit me up to the top of my chest with my thumb The lump bounced back and forth in an attractive way. Along with hearing her moan which was truly heavenly at that time.. I bent down to suck on her mouth. which was cold and powerless to retaliate. I squeezed her cheek to open her mouth. and inserted into her tongue, licking her soft, pure and sweet tongue, lovingly sucked the water from her mouth. I nuzzled her again from the crook of her white chest. and descended cold to the navel until Nong Mew swayed along with my caress. By now I think she’s ready. To get the next lesson, I put my hand under Mew’s butt and lifted it up. Flaunt her blue skirt. And I saw the most beautiful thing Her silky white thighs made my hair sparkle. and splattered into many pits I immediately raised Miew’s two legs and Sailia on the ferociously trembling leg To my satisfaction, I slowly printed her clean white panties. and I know that she What are you thinking right now? (She trembled much more than the first.) When her panties slip off her feet, I bent her legs, lifted them up and split them, and put my hands under her butt, which I can now see in almost every part. Her buttocks were white and proportionately beautiful that I had never seen anyone else have. A body as beautiful as her before I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled it towards me. and grabbed his waist and lifted it up to my face. At this point, I feel extremely proud. because the slit at the crotch of her heart was wet with clear slime Which is considered to be a beautiful accomplishment that made a young girl who was spelled by me for the love that had to pour out passion fruit openly. I moved both of my hands to the groove. Beautiful petals at the edge of her heart and use his fingers to separate it like a winner I buried my face in the crevice of her heart. and flicking her tongue to taste the passion fruit that she was willing to give to me for the first time It was ten times sweeter than the love juice in her mouth. and Miew was the first I’m willing to suck the slime that comes out of the penis hole because I consider her innocent. even the fur who tried to come up was able to count the lines Plus it’s so soft that I don’t even know what to call it. can it be hairy And a hundred and a hundred, you never really succeeded by yourself I sucked each lick. Miu moaned out every time. and even more so on her genitals She pronounced it fully. But it certainly wouldn’t slip out of the way. I kissed intensely Pointed at Nong Miu’s heavenly hole And suck the fishy, ​​soft slime Yours is drenched in love My heart skipped a beat when I was having sex with a young girl who is weak in the world Now I switched to the middle finger gradually. prod into the hole in her heart which admits it is very small, and I don’t expect much from her reserve. I carefully draw in and out slowly and cherish it consistently. staring at the tender flesh that prints her out with the feeling of being the real profit of life I spend time with organs Her importance is worthwhile. because I’m slowly give her the most wonderful happiness And when I managed to put my finger in all the way, I let go of my hand and prepared a very important lesson for Mew. I undress myself And now it’s time for Miew to had known the union with the end of his life After being caressed for an hour Now I’m starting to feel a change of mood. Cherishing is becoming more and more intense. Because I think I gave her enough. And fitting with her sweetness, when I lost my thoughts, I started to smear the real role. which is ready to snatch the soul of a pure girl The wanderer immediately came into my mundane monsoons. I grabbed her legs and dragged them around the bed. Then grab some butt and some legs. Wherever she caught it, she rolled around on the bed like a stone. She was shocked at my actions and opened her eyes. I pointed at the nape of her neck and nuzzled furiously and violently, sucking on her lip, sucking on the ridge of her sharp nostrils. I picked her up, turned her back on me, and I sandwiched her two little breasts. that is now starting to bulge up after I’ve been rolling for a long time I squeezed the meat from the bottom of the breast. Squeeze it up to her nipple and crush, crush, squeeze and pull it out of her breast as much as possible. Now she cried out in pain and began to struggle. But I continued to pound those two breasts, and it took as long as I could. with the love game episode at the start and when satisfied I flipped over her body and kept digging around, calling out where I found it. And now she’s limp and boneless. She was blown away by the command of my hands. No matter what part of her I want to drink It’s like she doesn’t object. And I already knew that Miew had reached her climax once. But when she meets a distant hand like me, she can’t easily get out of her lust. Now I lay her down and plowed my sex go on her breast And I noticed that it added more excitement to Miew. ‘Cause now she’s spreading her legs and rubbing her hands straight. Groove between the legs and squealing. Which I didn’t expect to see. Unbelievable. Now I think she’s a thousand percent ready. I removed the sex machine from Mew’s breast and thrusted her butt up to me. and pulling between her legs she took the heavenly holes that were oozing with scum. Press down on the tip of my hair. that is now straight and ready to receive I exerted direct pressure. Miu’s legs are trembling now. I’m slowly squeezed in, but it’s only the tip of my head. I tried hard enough so I thought I should make some decisions. I withdrew my weapon From the crotch of the legs and to the mouth of Miew’s ears and the same I told her something (I reserve it not to mention here) and she nodded. I came back to her sex hole again. Carefully inserting a long, large pile into the same hole, I bent her leg and split it and pushed it in just the tip of her head. But now I lifted her butt and pushed the pile into it. In the hole grows stronger but slowly Pulled out and plugged in harder. getting stronger Until she cried out until her legs trembled and lifted herself up to hold her thighs. I still remember Miu’s expression at that time. and thought that she would never forget Heavenly plug Halfway through, now I’m slowly guessing it in. Miu’s stiff mouth trembled, trembling. But I forced all the way to the end and started to bounce harder. Mew’s breast now rippled with my strength and she floundered. Turning around and moaning It’s a picture that excites me a lot. I looked at that beautiful image until I felt like I couldn’t hold it anymore. So he pulled that long stick out and inserted it at Nong Mew’s mouth. and tell her to suck it As soon as her tongue touched the tip of her head My love water penetrates and gushes. come out in abundance I grabbed Mew’s head and let her drink it. Like I’ve sucked your love water i am the happiest Absolutely never received from any woman I’ve ever been in love with. Miu is really great. I glanced at the clock, the time that I had with Nong Mew had passed for two hours. Longest in my fucking history You might think that I just stopped there. I couldn’t find it!.. Because something ran into my head as soon as the game of love ended. I would like to ask Miu for something. Which she agreed to because she had become a slave to me. Me and Nong Miu took a shower together completely. and wipe the tissue dry me and her, still naked No, I crossed over to her house. what i want is I want to make love with her in her room. In her bed, I want to get to know her better than an hour ago. Am I the best? I started playing the game of sex with Miew again. In the midst of more excitement than before, the sweet and clean aura in her room made me feel that I am in heaven and the most fluke and luckiest person in the world thanks to my beautiful guitar sound. That might persuade a young girl who is weak in the world into my love, which the story of Nong Mew and I still has a lot of excitement that you would never have expected. And if you still want to know Excited about that. I will try to write again. which I am quite detailed My story is especially long. Hello.

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