Nong Miu got plugged in every hole. All 5 new husbands.

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    Horrible story. Nong Miew gets plugged in every hole. All 5 new husbands.

    When Mew graduated from college, she was 22 years old. Mew’s figure was white and plump. White Miu’s breast The size of the breast is suitable for the hand. Miu’s nipple is a big red pill. blunt big tits hazel but a big hump like a hidden figure Mew became interested in Swinging when Fan Mew told him about it. Mew is already very sexist. one day There were 5 salesmen who came to sell their products. Mew thought he wanted to try swinging. So let’s come to demonstrate the product in the house. Mew wants to show Mew’s puppet to the fullest. so wear shorts without underwear to show off Mew’s chubby white legs but the pants legs are very wide As soon as he moved his legs, he could clearly see the hump of the hump and the thick black hair. Miu invested in unbuttoning the shirt’s buttons up to 3 buttons, plus a Nobra. Miu’s breasts came out almost both of them. Those salesmen hardly did anything. because he was always looking at Mew’s breast and hump which Miu was willing Until they couldn’t stand it, holding both of Miew’s hands. And then start playing with the little breasts. Two breasts and Mew’s hump area immediately until Miu feels sick Then they took off all of Mew’s clothes and himself. The five of them stared stunned at Mew’s figure standing naked. Mew was shocked as well. Because the five long big cocks nod their heads in front of Mew. Then they began to grab each of Mew’s breasts, petting them, licking and sucking their nipples in a frenzy. Mew’s slender, plump legs were stretched out and caressed and sucked in and out of Mew’s pussy with pleasure. Mew can only pinch the chest Push the breasts into their mouths as they alternately sucking on the breast meat and the Mew nipples like crazy. Miu’s milk is a round white breast like a steamed bun. Mew’s nipple is a pellet that stands upright against the mouths of both people. Miu closed her eyes. When the tongue licks the pussy hole alternates with sucking the clitoris, Miu moans “Ow.. Thrilling..Ooh..Hitting..Clitting..Ooh..Sucking the clitoris again.” Another person was. So he caught the cock and plunged it into Miu’s pussy hole. Until Mew had to open his eyes to see the big cock. Who is digging into his own pussy hole little by little until the whole body is gone, then moaning “ thrilling..ooooooo..fucking hard.. I’m nervous.. Seeds…so fun in the pussy.” Just a moment, the 1st futanari cock ejaculated 1 of them, but Mew is horny. So I told the 2nd cock to come in and คลิปหลุด fuck for a moment, the second cock gave up again, Mew just moaned “Ow…fuck again..Husbands legs…Put the dick to fuck Mew’s pussy again.. Ooh…Seeds …Pussy..Ow..quickly Miu is so horny.” The third cock immediately jumped in to fuck Mew, jumping off the cock and tucking into the breast as well. until Miu moans “Ooooh…fuck Mew so hard..Tear me up..Oi” The cum was bursting. until overflowing Miu revealed a happy smile. “Ouch… the Mew Mew water is about to explode.. Husband, come and fuck someone else soon. Oh yeah…wow…that pussy tingling ” The 4th cock was inserted into Miu’s pussy hole with great force until it was completely covered. and then thumped the cock Miu groaned, his heart was broken. “Ow..fuck hard.. ” The fifth cock was pointed at Miu’s mouth. Mew opened her mouth willingly and sucked the cock like crazy until both cocks burst out at the same time. Mium sucked all the cum in her mouth with gusto. smiling happily Then Mew was put to lie face down. Seeing a white buttocks without black marks, even more round and round, until one of them can’t stand it. Bringing the cock to fuck Mew’s ass hole with another person fucking Mew’s pussy hole at the same time. Mew moaned. All 3 holes of Mew had only the cock in it. But Mew responded fully and did not resist. until everyone has finished fucking Mew for the third round then covered Mew who was sleeping, asshole, pussy hole still trembling and blooming happily. and then they leave Miu woke up cheerfully. Fan Mi came to see me this morning. Miu then told me that Yesterday, I was fucked by 5 dicks, had 5 more husbands. My boyfriend listened to it and was so horny that he had his dick. Quickly fuck Mew both pussy holes, ass holes, and cocks into Mew’s mouth immediately. But Miu still hasn’t disappeared. therefore both the pussy hole and the ass hole, which were opened Let your girlfriend fuck all three holes. Mew is a slutty pussy and sex is held. Maybe it’s because of the 5 new husbands who awaken Mew’s horny mood all the time …

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