My story started
25 years ago
when a family
from Pakistan...

helped me beyond my wildest dream in a foreign country. Not only they had financially helped me but had gone well beyond that; they had kept me and my family in their house for more than a year and had provided all kind of support until I could find my feet in a foreign land.

The more and more I look back at that year, I cannot imagine and believe that why a family from Pakistan would help me and my family in a foreign land. It does not make any sense. I knew no one in Sydney. So why would they go out of their way to help me in all kind of way and provide every support?

The thought started in that year just like a small dot in my mind that “Partition of this great nation in 1947 was wrong” and as the years have passed, that thought has grown into a concrete idea that “We have to achieve a unification of this great nation”.

It does not matter anymore what religion we follow, what language we speak and what kind of political differences we have because we are the same people and have similar moral and cultural values.

There are more similar things that unite us

than the small differences that divide us.

There might be many nay-sayers who believe that unification of this nation can never be achieved but as I mentioned before, I was also in the same category. However, my attitude changed in a split second 25 years back.

The time has come to re-unite this great nation

and achieve the state it was before its partition.

The more and more I look at this partition, it does not make any sense because we are the same people and have similar moral and cultural values. This partition has not only divided our great nation but also divided our spirit and soul, put a wedge among us and has made us an object of ridicule and mockery all around the world. Initially, when this idea formed in my mind way back in 1992, I used to think that ‘how will we unite’? It almost looked to me an impossible task. Now, over the years, my thoughts have crystallized and I say that ‘Nothing can stop us from uniting’. When I was a small kid, may be 9 or 10 years old, I clearly remember that I would sit down at the dining table along with my younger sister and brother with my father sitting at the head of the table. He would look at me with his gentle, admiring eyes and ask me softly “Anil, what do you want to become in your life?” I would reply to him very cheekily that I want to become an Engineer; sometimes I would say that I wanted to become a “Doctor or a Solicitor” and he would tenderly smile at me.

One day he asked me the same question again at the dining table “Anil, what do you want to become in your life?” And I gave him the same reply. He looked at me with his admiring eyes and said that “Whatever you become in your life but don’t become Mir Jafar”. I asked him who Mir Zafar was, but he would not tell me. He said that I should find out on my own, who Mir Jafar was?

Just imagine a 10 year old kid going around the school asking everyone “who was Mir Jafar?” None of the kids my age knew about him. Then one day I mustered up enough courage to walk into the history teacher’s room and asked him “who was Mir Jafar?” He raised his glasses and looked me up and down. After a long pause he asked me who had mentioned to me about Mir Jafar. I told him about the episode that had happened with my father.

He smiled at me, took me for a cup of coffee in the cafeteria and explained to me that Mir Zafar was the commander of Siraj ud-Daulah′s army in the State of Bengal. The British, when they came to India could only settle their roots and build their empire due to treachery of Mir Zafar. ​ He joined hands with British and helped them in the Battle of Plassey in 1757. Siraj ud-Daulah along with his army were defeated and killed in the Battle of Plassey by the British due to the betrayal of Mir Jafar. Thus after conspiring with the British to defeat Siraj ud-Daulah, Mir Jafar became the new Nawab of Bengal in 1757 with support and backing from the British. It was due to his help that the British could capture the whole State of Bengal and establish their empire in India.

It was in the later years that I came across the famous poem by Allama Iqbal Sahib reciting the following lines:

“Mir Jaffar–e–Bengal, o Mir Sadiq–e–Deccan

Nang–e–Adam, Nang–e–Deen, Nang-e–Watan”

(which means that Mir Jaffar of Bengal and Mir Sadiq of Deccan are a disgrace to mankind, disgrace to their faith and disgrace to their country)

The British were able to conquer the State of Bengal in the East of India and kingdom of Mysore in the South of India with the help of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq.

Mir Sadiq was a minister of the Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan, who betrayed the Sultan in the fourth Anglo-Mysore war in 1799, paving way for the British to start ruling the South of India. The battle also resulted in the demise of Tipu Sultan. The British had promised Mir Sadiq wealth and the headship of the Mysore kingdom if Tipu Sultan was defeated in the battle, but the soldiers of Tipu came to know of the treachery of Mir Sadiq, attacked him and killed him when he was on his way to join the British.

When we speak of traitors in the country with whose help the British were able to establish their roots in India and rule the whole sub-continent, the names of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq come to our mind instantaneously.

In August 1947, when the British divided India, it was Cyril Radcliffe who had drawn the lines on the map of India to divide it. If you happen to look at his background, he had never lived in India and had no connection with its people or land.

I always wondered how a man who had no local knowledge could divide two communities who had been living together for generations and draw lines on the map without any cultural or ethnic connections to its people, whom he was dividing. He arrived in India on 8th July 1947 and just within 5 weeks duration, drew the lines on the map to divide two communities who had been living together for more than 500 years.

Who is Cyril Radcliffe to divide us, to put a line, wedge between us? I do not agree with that line, division and I am sure that someone will also think in the same fashion as me and say “Who is he to divide us, two communities who had been living together as family for generations”.

The idea of this forum is to bring the like-minded people together and to achieve the ultimate goal of unification of this nation.

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